I could not be happier with my decision to send my child to Trilok School.

When my son was about 14 months I decided to engage in the (seemingly) requisite hysteria concerning pre-school. I knew I wanted to send him somewhere at age 2, and I knew I wanted it to be full time. There are only a few schools in my area that do such a schedule starting with the 2’s so I did a bit of homework and began taking tours. My first tour was at the Coop school which I expected to be the no-brainer. Its around the corner from my house, and I had heard great things about it. But I kept looking at other options. Going down the list my next tour was set up at Trilok. In stark contrast to what I had just experienced of 50 nervous parents crammed into a tiny room, I sat in a nice room at their incredible facility, just myself and one other parent. Sudha the director came in fully regaled in a beautiful sari and offered us tea and biscuits and proceeded to tell us everything about her history and the school. Her energy and passion for what she is doing there is infectious. She told us how the school came to be and her hopes are for its future. We spoke at length, she never made us feel rushed or like we couldn’t talk about whatever our feelings or concerns could be. She showed us how the children use weaving as a way to learn to count, how they share lunches creating a feeling of community, explained that the school is naturally diverse and therefore needn’t to aim to be so. She told us how she only began dressing in sari after her children were born to give them a sense of their cultural tradition. All this care and subtle attention to culture was very impressive to me. 

We took a tour and Sudha showed us the windows she had installed after she received some grant or another. The facility is massive and colorful, has 3 large outdoor areas including a huge lot converted to a garden where much of the summer session takes place. Many languages are offered and spoken, there is an after school program which offers Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Ballet, Indian Dance, piano and many other classes. I signed my son up at age 22 months and he has been there ever since (he is now 3 and a half). I have no plans to leave as he could not be happier there. His teachers are nurturing and loving, and the community is made up of many interesting parents. It is his home away from home. I highly recommend this place that for me, has been a most wonderful and fortunate gift in the raising of my son. - Tina Tyrell

We’re so happy to have found Trilok School, and our daughter absolutely loves it – to the point that she asks if she can go there on the weekends. She loves exploring and engaging in the wide variety of activities and topics that they cover each day, and I’m constantly surprised with the knowledge and insights she comes home with. As parents, we love Trilok’s arts-based education approach, which focuses on developing the whole person and integrating multiple ways of thinking and knowing. The world our kids are growing up in will require an active curiosity and knowing how to work with ambiguity, abstraction and connecting disparate patterns. Learning how to count, subtract and divide through apportioning food that the children share with each other, and then talking about where each of the ingredients come from is an example of the 3-year-old version of that, and it’s the kind of activity that makes up our daughter’s entire day at Trilok.  The teachers are great and the space is amazing – multiple floors, big classrooms, a gym/dance area. a garden and a playground! I see a review below that seems to be positive about the school but negative about the director (…so why 1 star? they seem to like everything else but the art supplies and the director’s management style during a difficult time. It’s like the 1-star restaurant reviews where the food and ambience is excellent but they didn’t like the hostess…), but the director is clearly the reason the school is there in the first place and seems to be such a positive force in trying to fulfill the mission of the school. Of course teachers should have a good amount of latitude and discretion to guide their students as well, and given what we’ve seen so far, that seems to be the case. We’re relatively new, but we feel really confident in the school, teachers and leadership and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the community. More important than anything, we see our daughter blossoming at Trilok and she couldn’t be happier there. - Joshua S.

My son, Jack and I thoroughly enjoyed the overnight field trip to Washington, DC, along with his Trilok classmates and friends from the Grapes and Berries classes. The trip was educational, fun, of good value, and a great experience for the students and parents and well-organized. The group visited the US Capitol building for a guided tour the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (my son’s favorite destination) and the Lincoln Memorial, where we saw the White House (which is currently not offering tours). We were pleased with the travel and accommodations arranged by Trilok. Jack also greatly enjoyed traveling with friends and their families. Thanks to all who organized, led, and participated in the trip! - Nicole MB Rodriguez

What I love about Trilok are the school’s unique and progressive educational philosophy, the integration of subjects and hands-on learning, the cheerfulness and enthusiasm of all the teachers and staff, the school’s dedication to a DIY, wast-not, want-not ethos, the engendering in the kids of a sense of adventure through the field trips, what seems to be a great balance of routine and departure from routine, the special occasions that the children work toward, the encouragement of parental involvement, how much the teachers and staff care about the students, and of the utmost importance of course, how happy by son is. We’ve never been involved in a school before, but we have had him in other childcare settings in the past where he very clearly was not happy. But he is excited to come to Trilok every day. He’s made lots of great friends. - Mari L.

My daughter just started there, and she loves it! She can’t wait to go to school every morning. - Melonie M.

My daughter has thrived at Trilok where her world expanded tenfold; She is now fully toilette trained, has gained independence, and forged close friendships. I love that at Trilok multiculturalism is not only welcome, but fostered. - Andrea Ryder, Parent

There is nothing like coming into a building full of children’s voices, laughter and music. Climbing the stairs to the Apples classroom, I am contented with all that surrounds me and the air is full of such wonderful energy. The children’s joy is tangible. My daughter has grown in leaps and bounds since starting as an Orange at Trilok last fall. The diverse community has informed her rapid growth and made my husband and me feel as though we are part of something very special…- Pearl Son Dodd, Parent

When I first brought my son to Trilok I was struck by how the children consistently interacted with one another. I have since discovered that these wonderful conversations and relationships are gently and seamlessly facilitated and fostered by Sudha and Trilok’s wonderful team of instructors. Everyone is achnowledged as part of the group with something to offer and share. Each child is given their own space and time to express themselves to the group as a whole. Toys are modestly and smartly chosen so that the kids can see and explore relationships with one another. My son comes home each day with stories about his day that often involve his beloved teacher Georgia and his friends: how Georgia helped him weave a beautiful doll, how he sang in an improvised band with his classmates, and his classmates held the stuffed tiger he brought to class. I am delighted and appreciative of these valuable life long skills he is practicing each day. Being practiced in rich human interactions will serve him well throughout his life in any community he finds himself. - Devorah Shubowitz, Parent

Sudha, the Executive Director and driving force of Trilok, is an amazing woman. She is all embracing. She is very creative and loving, and due to this, Trilok has wonderful attributes. Your child will feel protected, cared for, and stimulated. Everyone is included, and accepted. Sharing is a difficult concept for young kids but is learned with grace and spirit at Trilok. My child continues to take Classical Indian Dance lessons with Sudha even though she graduated from Trilok. She enjoys performing in front of audiences, and practicing with her friends. While at Trilok, her first (and thankfully homey and positive) experience of school, she made lasting friends, was potty trained, learned a wide variety of activities such as weaving, music, environmental concerns, planting, cooking, etc. I highly recommend Trilok for your toddler. - Andrea R, Parent

My child has been in this school for more than 2 years now. She turns four early next year. I could not have picked a better place for her. If you are looking for a friendly, homely, creative, multicultural space for your child, look no further. The staff is great, the building is like a second home and the parent/teacher community is truly special. I have an older child who is 11, I wish this space existed when she was little. - Allan K, Parent

She loves it—and before Trilok, she was very under-stimulated. She comes home daily with an increased vocabulary. We really appreciate the weekly updates from Ms. June, and we’re definitely happy here. - Oranges Parent

We are very happy so far. Our daughter is blossoming and we’re definitely coming back. We have a great connection with Ms. June. - Oranges Parent

My son comes home talking about what he’s learned, like, “Gandhi says no hitting!” - Tangerines Parent

She loves the school and her teachers. We are very happy. - Tangerines Parent

My son loves touching, running and jumping. Every week there is something new, here. I love the schedules Ms. June sends home every week. - Oranges Parent

He’s talking and singing a lot more and really loves the relationships he’s built at Trilok. - Grapes Parent

He loves school! He’s learning to count, sing and build his vocabulary. I’ve seen a lot of progress from September till now. - Green Apples Parent 

She’s having a great year. She’s now telling me detailed stories about what she’s learned. I can definitely see her growth. - Yellow Apples Parent

He was shy at first, but he loves his friends, French and random songs. - Green Apples Parent