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Pre-School (Citrus & Apples)

Pre-School includes Citrus Classes and Apples Classes.

Young children come to Trilok School to gain trust in a world beyond home. At Trilok, they become part of a larger human family. The seasons unfold, offering nature’s thrilling curriculum for playful study. Song, movement, and play govern this domain of learning, allowing the child’s being to blossom. Through compassionate guidance, Trilok teachers cultivate expression and exploration.  Our special teachers hold the hearts of children warmly as they guide them. Interactive play is thoughtfully supported so that children become each other’s most authentic teachers. 

Through instructive nurture, children gain embodied competence of their bodily functions, movements, and emotions. Tactile experiences of food, nature, and crafts stimulate sensory integration. Children engage with the geometric and pictorial elements of literacy to fall in love with the world of numbers and letters. By reading pictures, they cultivate a wonder for books and literacy. By learning to get along in the community of the classroom, they grow their world and their identity within it.