Movement & mindfulness

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 Daily Practice Yoga & Gym

MOVEMENT AND MINDFULNESS - Body and Mind are supported toward deep integration through various practices throughout the school year. Some of these practices include yoga, meditation, gym, dance, and theater. Breath awareness links them all, bridging the wellbeing of body and mind for Trilok’s young learners. While gross motor skills develop and fine motor skills are honed, concentration and self-awareness are strengthened. Through group activities, children gain skills in cooperation, team-work, and group awareness. Through the wide range of physical practices offered at Trilok, children explore embodied expression on many levels, from play to art to sport. Children learn to identify their feelings and soothe their woes, both personal and interpersonal, through skills of compassion, self-regulation and conflict resolution. Mindful motion leads every child’s body toward brighter learning vistas within.