The Trilok Garden

The Trilok garden is a wonderful place of horticultural experiment and exploration. We grow and harvest throughout the seasons with the active participation of our students from the youngest of age. In the spring and summer months, the Trilok garden host our students as a living classroom, a place of natural wonder, learning and taste - a delicious summer ripe organic tomato straight from the vine!

Our garden is also extended to the greater Trilok community through our partnership with the amazing young adults from AHRC who visit Trilok daily to learn together and contribute to the community, through gardening and the care of our school pets.  Trilok School loves them dearly for their kindness and their helpfulness.  They are led by Mr. Alex Oo, Community Support Professional from AHRC.  Originally from Burma, Alex holds a degree in botany, and a black belt in Karate.  He has offered knowledgeable, kind guidance in creating a wonderful partnership between AHRC and Trilok.

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