Trilok fusion arts


Trilok fusion arts

Trilok Fusion Arts is here to provide Trilok students and our greater community with a rich artistic, educational and cultural experience year round.


Sudha Seetharaman is an internationally acclaimed Indian classical dancer and choreographer from India. She started her training in Bharatanatyam at the age of five. After learning in the traditional setting from a “guru” (teacher) for many years, she went onto to complete a master's degree in dance at the University of Hyderabad, in 1992. A year later, she attended graduate school at University of Oregon, Eugene, to study choreography.


Between academic pursuits and rigorous training, Sudha performed on many prestigious stages both in India and the United States. Her performance at the Lincoln Center in July 1996 was a highlight and was received with much applause and acclaim. In 1997, Sudha was awarded the Ethnic Dance Award by Dance Giant Steps, for her contribution to the promotion of Indian classical dance in New York City. Sudha has also received the Brooklyn Arts Council’s Regrant Award for four consecutive years and city awards from DYCD and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

In July of 1996 Sudha co-founded a non-profit arts company in Brooklyn, called Trilok Fusion Arts. The core vision of the company is to promote cultural education by presenting and teaching works created by blending Indian classical performance forms with Western artistic traditions. As the director of the company she spearheads a multifaceted program for children and adults through out the year. The company attracts talent from all corners of the world and the blending of that talent in a collaborative spirit is the company’s goal. In 2004, New York Times Magazine named Trilok Fusion Arts one of the most important arts organizations working in the BAM cultural district. The staging of her original productions Maa-The Creator and Ramayana at Lincoln Center, were received with great reviews and much applause. Her most recent multimedia production Crossing Paths was premiered in Sudbury, Canada in 2016. The show raised $30,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Society.


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