elementary school


Elementary School (Berries & Cherries)

Elementary school includes Berries and Cherries Classes. Trilok’s elementary classes are project-oriented, workshopping environments, where children learn both independently and collaboratively.

At Trilok, children’s play evolves into increasingly focused study, inviting the school’s work to become serious fun. The child’s mind and body are actively coming into dialogue with one another through meditation practice, emotional self-regulation skills, physical education, artistic exploration and a yearning for learning. Here they cross the powerful Literacy bridge from the writing of a single word to a full-blown essay. They master the basic math skills that lay the ground for life long intellect.

In Trilok’s classes, learning about the world goes hand in hand with learning about the self. Children learn to articulate their evolving understanding of the world through a palate of studious disciplines: from math, science and literacy to culture, movement, and the arts. Students develop the society of the classroom rooted in group agreements, civic study, conflict resolution, emotional literacy, and ongoing meditation/yoga. Through reflective and creative processes, our students weave together a maturing inner world with an ever-expanding outer world. They grow into caring citizens of the Earth, ready to contribute their gifts.

Practices of body and mind are honed through integrative, holistic, interdisciplinary studies. Anchored deeply in a growing bed of knowledge and values, our children explore individual expressivity and character development.

Trilok’s House Structure provides them with a warm and aspiring relationship to world heroes, grounding self-development in a worldly and historical framework. Trilok children develop strong skills and inner-drive for studious work, self-regulation, ethical inquiry, and mindful focus, so crucial in these years. They develop a strong understanding of their responsibilities to self, community, and world.